Small Business Start-Up Steps: Selecting a Business Entity, Income and Payroll Tax Decisions November 9, 2017, 2:45pm EST November 9, 2017, 2:45pm EST
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Individuals who run a small business or are starting a new business may be fueled by passion and challenged with daunting decisions. One of the first decisions - selecting a business structure - impacts many areas of the business’ finances, including income taxes and payroll requirements.

The landscape for small business owners includes many twists and turns and changing tax laws. There are also many events that occur during the year that can affect a business’ financial and tax situation. Proper planning can help prevent negative consequences – but only so far as small businesses are familiar with business structure and tax benefits AND know how to use them effectively. This is where the expertise of small business services and tax professionals can help prevent mistakes and save money. 

Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • Pros and cons of business entity structures
  • How to avoid common problems faced by closely-held businesses
  • How to select a business structure that leverages tax breaks
  • How to manage payroll - one of the biggest expenses and risk areas of a small business


About the Presenter(s)

Denise Wilson - Block Advisors

Denise Wilson, a Block Advisors tax advisor with an emphasis in compliance and research, prepares individual income tax returns, small business tax returns and trust and estate tax returns.

Tax Advisor, Block Advisors
Bonnie Blake - Block Advisors

Bonnie Blake, a Block Advisors bookkeeper with 10+ years experience in accounting for professional services, enjoys getting to know the client’s needs, and efficiently and effectively meeting those needs.

Bookkeeper, Block Advisors
Catherine Varosy - Block Advisors

Catherine Varosy, a Block Advisors bookkeeper enrolled agent and master tax advisor, is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service to represent taxpayers in IRS audits.

Bookkeeper, Block Advisors