Retail Revelations: How Local Businesses Can Compete – and Win – in the Amazon Era July 20, 2016, 1:00pm EDT

With so many customers gravitating to lower prices offered on the internet, it’s paramount for local retailers and specialty stores to nurture customer loyalty with fabulous in-store shopping experiences and to prudently manage their markups, inventory and turnover.

In this webinar, Ritchie Sayner, a SCORE mentor and successful retail consultant, offers ways local retailers can increase in-store sales and run more profitable businesses despite competition from goliaths such as Amazon, Zappos, and other online markets.

About the Presenter(s)

SCORE Mentor Ritchie Sayner

Mr. Ritchie Sayner is a SCORE mentor in our Kansas City, MO chapter offering his expertise in retailing to SCORE clients as well as in-business retailers through his work with RMSA, Retail Solutions, LLC. Sayner joined RMSA in 1980 and has worked with retailers in nearly every industry segment.

SCORE Mentor, SCORE Kansas City
furniture shop owner